Easily Turn Your Website Into a Mobile Friendly Website

Q: How will my mobile website look? A: We will email you an example of your website side-by-side with the MediaMate site. It will be fully functional and formatted for a smartphone.

Q: What happens if I update my regular website. Will the mobile version change as well? A: Your MediaMate mobile website syncs automatically with your original website. Any updates made to the content of your regular website (i.e., copy, images, videos) will appear on your mobile website. If you do not want your website to sync automatically this can be disabled upon request.

Q: Can Media II change the standard look and functions of the MediaMate mobile website? A: Yes. Contact Media II for custom formatting. Remember though, MediaMate is specially optimized for mobile devices and syncs to your website.

Q: What about support? A: Media II provides support for your MediaMate mobile website.

Q: How will mobile phone users reach the mobile version of my website? A: Once your mobile website design is complete, your MediaMate professional will set up the “redirect” and the “m” mobile address. This redirect automatically alerts your website when a mobile device is encountered.

As a part of this process, your MediaMate professional will need to add redirect html into your website.

Q: How long will it take for my mobile site to go live? A: On average, your mobile website will be live within 3-5 business days, depending on the amount of work required.

Q: What are the limitations? A: Limitations are few, here are the most common:

  • Charts/tables created in html on your website often must be reformatted in your MediaMate website at a nominal extra cost.
  • Some database-driven websites will not operate on MediaMate.
  • At this time, Ecommerce capability is limited.
Please contact Media II for more information.

Q: What are the terms? A: Once you agree that MediaMate is for you, the Setup Fee and Annual Subscription Fees are due.

Q: What if I change my mind during the 12-month plan? A: The Setup Fee and Annual Subscription Fee are nonrefundable.

Ask For a Free Demo

Ask for a preview of your mobile website: call 440-943-3600, or email:

Mobile Redirect Instructions

In order to set up the mobile redirect between your existing website and your mobile website, we will need to have access to your domain registrar* (, GoDaddy, etc.) It’s important not to confuse this with your website hosting. To give us access, we will need:

  1. The registrar’s website address
  2. Your username/account number
  3. Your password

In addition to the domain registrar, we will also need FTP access to your website. If we’ve worked with you before, there’s a good chance we have this already, but if not, we will need:

  1. FTP host
  2. Username
  3. Password

Once we have all of this information, it will be a short wait before your mobile site is up and running.

* If you’re not sure where your domain is registered, you can find out by entering your website address into