Website Inbound Marketing: Bringing Customers to You

Your best prospects, those who are actively engaged in a purchase decision, are doing their homework online and looking for a solution before you even know they are interested in your products. Are you being found?


Media II knows how to optimize your website to get interested customers to your products/services — instead of your competition. We know how to configure your content so it ranks high when an interested buyer is ready to buy.

Getting Found — Search Engine Optimization

We know how to get under the hood of your website — the programming code that search engines devour. They look for page descriptions, content-rich information, keyword density and fresh content. We use sophisticated tools to rank content from the start, and continue to measure your rankings to ensure your website is easily found.

Content is King

Media II can help you develop the content that is important to your prospects. The key to success is to write content that provides valuable information they can use to solve their immediate problem. You want to become a trusted partner for them, and the more valuable your information is, the more trusted you become. This valuable content also raises your website’s ranking on search engines.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In addition to organic search engine rankings, Media II is skilled in Google pay-per-click advertising. We know how to develop the right keywords, write the ads, and continue to manage the results to provide the best click-through rates.


Throughout the process, we manage website results and make any necessary changes to ensure your customers find you when the need arises.